Should you be putting your prices on your website?


Let's talk Money — More specifically to show or not to show your prices online.

First, let me begin by saying that there is no right or wrong answer. However, based on my own (and my client's) experience, I believe you shouldn't be sharing your prices on your website, and here's why.

Should you be putting your prices on your website


One of the biggest reasons people chose to show their prices is transparency. To be open and upfront about how much their services cost, so when someone sees them they can decide for themselves if it's "in their budget" or not before they reach out.

This can lead to you getting more leads that are able and willing to pay for your services.

BUT, and there is a really big but here, by showing your prices online you are also turning away a lot of people who don't "think" it's possible to afford working with you.

All they will see is that big number after the $$$, and not the VALUE + transformation they will receive by working with you.

This is why I choose to not show my prices online.


By NOT showing your prices online you're allowing someone the opportunity to open up to working with you without money getting involved first.

They will have to reach out to you, book a call, and actually talk to you before any numbers are thrown out and decisions are made.

This is where the magic happens... You get to help them BREAK THROUGH their money stories and SHOW them what's possible.

THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS... You get to help them BREAK THROUGH their money stories and SHOW them what else is possible.

The transformation starts during the sales call, because you get to push them out of their comfort zone, and step into their power by saying YES to their dreams and taking action on their vision.

The investment shouldn't be "easy". It should stretch you and make you uncomfortable — That’s where the real transformation happens.

And by NOT showing your prices you're allowing them to lead with their heart first instead of their mind.

How about you? Do you include your pricing on your website? What results have you gotten by taking your prices of your site?

Let me know in the comments below!

xo - Angela