How to Define Your Ideal Client


You NEED to define your soulmate client — the people you absolutely love to work with and light you up inside.

Your dream client is the person that just “gets it”. They should be saying HELL YES to working with you, because you’re the exact answer to their problem. You're an energetic match, you have the same values & interests, and most importantly, they trust you to hold space and honor their unique vision & goals.

Now, It's time to really get to know your soulmate client.

How to Define your Ideal Client

So grab a pen and your favorite notebook and really dig deep with these. Be as specific as you can!

1. Who is your ideal client? (Demographics: Age, gender, location, income, occupation, married/single, do they have kids, etc.)

2. What are her(his) biggest pain points and struggles? (What stresses them out on a daily? What makes them cry at night?)

3. What do they really WANT? What are her biggest dreams and desires? (Dig below the superficial ones for these, what does she *really* want?)

4. What does she NEED? (What does she need in her life RIGHT NOW? What problems is she currently looking to fix? (*hint hint* you're offers should be targeting your dream client's needs & wants))

Really get to know them and dig deep into their psyche.

Understand what makes them tick.

  • What brings them the most joy and happiness?

  • What are they excited about getting up in the morning?

  • What makes them so angry they want to break something?

  • What are their biggest regrets?

  • What are their biggest insecurities?

  • What do they day dream about?

Journal on these questions and come up with more of your own until you feel like you truly know her. 

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Can’t wait to see you there!

xo - Angela