How to Create your Mood Board + Color Palette


Are you ready to start putting your creative skills to work? This post is all about creating the perfect Mood Board + Color Palette for your brand!

How to Create your Mood Board + Color Palette

First, what is a mood board and why is it important?

A Mood Board is an inspiration board that captures the soul and essence of your brand. It's a collection of images, usually from Pinterest, that conveys the look and feel of your Brand & Website. In essence, it's your visual foundation and it captures the vision you have for your brand. Creating a mood board before any real design begins ensures that the time you invest in design further down the track is not wasted.

If you want to read more on What is a Mood Board + Why Your Business Needs One, click here.

So, how do you start?

1. Create a Pinterest board and start pinning all of the images that capture your Brand Key Words and the color palette you're going for. 

Tip: Pin anything that feels aesthetically right for your brand. You want a mixture of colors and textures that go together to create a cohesive mood board.

2. Once you have 30 pins or so and you feel like you've found the style you're going for, download your favorites and save them on a folder in your laptop.

3. Create your Mood Board using Canva (free & super easy to use), or if you're design savvy, use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Play around with this! There are a lot of templates and layouts you can use. Use a variety of images - lifestyle, textures, colors, landscapes. 

Tip: You want to balance out colors and density by separating really bold colors with neutrals, and balance out busier photos with minimal & simple ones.


4. Create your Color Palette! I recommend an app called Coolors to build your color palette. You can add your mood board to the app and select the colors you want for your brand from the image.

5. Once you've selected your 5 colors you can edit the shades, increase the brightness, darkness, and saturation until you're happy with the results. Do this as many times as you need. 

Tip: For your color palette you want to choose anywhere from 5-8 colors. You want 1 primary color (this is your main color), 1 or 2 secondary colors (this is the contrast or complementary color), and 2-3 neutrals (any combination of neutrals that go with your brand + balance out your color palette).

6. Export your perfect color palette and download it as a PDF. Coolors gives you the RGB, HEX, and CYMK code for all 5 colors you've chosen. Write these down and use them for the rest of your brand, website, and marketing collateral!

Color Palette Mallory

Now it's your turn! It's time to get designing!

And don't forget to share them with me! Email me your mood board or tag me on Insta @soulcovecreative!

I can't wait to see all of your beautiful mood boards + color palette!

xo - Angela