How to Rewrite Your Relationship to Failure

How to rewrite your relationship to failure

Let yourself fail... and try again.

It's time we rewrite our relationship to failure.

Failure doesn't define you. It doesn't make you any less worthy or less deserving. It doesn't mean shit. And guess what... no one fucking cares! So why should you?

Failure is just an expectation that wasn't met.

Take it as data. I did x, it didn't work as planned (aka failed), cool, now I have this new data I can play with, and I can take new action based on this new information I've gathered to create a different result. It can be that simple.

It gets to be easy. It gets to be effortless.

Start treating failure as a magical growth opportunity, instead of creating a story around it and judging yourself for it. Failure is great! Failure means growth! It means expansion! It means something new and amazing is coming your way! Get excited by it!

So let yourself fail. Allow yourself to make mistakes and screw up. Let all your mistakes strengthen you and bring you closer to who you truly are, because at the end of the day that's the only thing that matters.

And if you need a reminder.

You are seen. 
You are heard.
You are understood.
You are loved.

xo - Angela