3 Ways to Use Your Website to Attract Your Ideal Client


Your website is your online home. It’s your first impression and it should immediately capture the attention (and heart) of your audience.

3 ways to use your website to attract ideal clients

You have less than 10 seconds for a someone to land on your website and decide if they learn more about working with you. Keeping this in mind, it's important to strategize your website content so that it converts.


Keep it simple! In 1 or 2 sentences describe WHO you serve and HOW you serve them.

Add this sentence on or right below your banner image on your homepage. You want your ideal client to be able see right away what you're offering, so they can decide if they're interesting in learning more about what it would look like to work with you.


While your copy is extremely important, visuals always steal the show.

Having beautiful professional photography that's on brand will instantly elevate your website and captivate your audience.


While this could be a whole post, here are some of the most important SEO tips to maximize the reach of your website.

  • Fill in the SEO description in your website. If you're using Squarespace there's a place in your settings where you can write the description for your site. Be sure to use keywords relevant to what you do.

  • Name all of your images with key words. Google goes through your site and searches for keywords. Leaving the generic photo title IMG_2244.jpg as the filename isn’t going to improve your ranking. Instead give the image a name that's specific to what you do (ie. business_coaching_for_female_entrepreneurs).

That’s it for now! These are just three website tips you can implement right now to attract your ideal client. Like always, if you have any questions leave them in the comments!

xo - Angela

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