How To Discover Your Unique Message


Are you attracting your dream clients?

No, I'm not asking if you're getting clients... I want to know if you're working with your soulmate clients.

The people you absolutely LOVE working with, that you're completely OBSESSED with, that LIGHT YOU UP and make you feel completely FULL inside.

Working with them should feel like food for your soul, leaving you more pumped and excited than before, not drained and exhausted.

And if you're not attracting these unicorn clients yet, I'm going to take a bold leap and say your messaging is off. I know, ouch... I feel your pain AND that's what I'm here for... To help you refine your messaging to start attracting your dream clients.

Here are the 4 key questions to Discover your Unique Brand Message.

How to Discover Your Unique Brand Message


In other words... what's the hill you're willing to die on? What do you take a stand for? What's your brand all about?

In a few words, what describes your brand's mission + vision? Doesn't have to be super specific yet, it just needs to encompass why you're passionate about it and why you do what you do.


  • Be unapologetically YOU

  • Unlock your unique magic + infinite potential

  • Own your worth

  • You are MAGIC

ACTION STEP. What is your high-level message?


If I were to ask you for 5 individual words that describe what your brand stands for + what you believe in, what would they be?

Your brand values are the pillars of your brand and everything you do (especially your messaging) should always tie back to them.


  • Badass. Bold. Authentic. Confident. Transformational.

  • Empowered. Inspired. Unconditional Love. Vibrant. Blissful.

  • Magical. Whimsical. Conscious. Connection. Intimacy.

ACTION STEP. Which 5 words embody your brand values?


Zone of Genius - is your unique superpower + what sets your soul on fire. It's what you absolutely LOVE doing and are freaking amazing at it. You feel extremely fulfilled when you're doing these things and you're completely in FLOW.

How to identify your own Zone of Genius? Answer the question - What is it I love to do, that no one else does quite like I do?

Build your business around your zone of genius, and make sure you're spending the core of your time on the tasks that light you up + fuel your soul.

Side Note: Here's a little productivity + energy hack for you. Identify all of the tasks in your business you're either not great at (suck at) or dislike (absolutely hate) doing, and try to outsource as many of them as you can.

However, there is a very fine line here. If you feel resistance to doing a particular task (let's say sales), LEAN into it and ask yourself WHY. Why am I resistant to sales? What is this showing me? Where else is this showing up in my life? There can be a lot of healing there for you.

ACTION STEPS. Write down all of the tasks in your business and categorize them into the following:

  • Zone of Genius: Which tasks do you absolutely love + kick ass at?

  • Zone of Excellence: Which tasks are you really good at and enjoy at times, but don't light you up?

  • Zone of Competence: Which tasks are you good at, but leave you feeling drained?

  • Zone of Incompetence: Which tasks do you suck at + hate doing? (Avoid these tasks at all cost + outsource them!)

Use this exercise to help you discover your zone of genius.


Aka. Can you CONFIDENTLY give a 1-2 sentence "elevator pitch" explaining what you do + who you help?

Here's the real test. Can you explain what you do + who you help in a way that's clear + concise, so that person can explain it to someone else without things getting lost in translation?

If not, here's how to create your Brand Statement.

Brand Statement = what you do + who you help + how you help them

Let's break it down even more. Here are a few ways you can create your Brand Statement: (side note - these are just guidelines, feel free to play with it until you find one that feels resonates with you)

  • I help ______ (your ideal client), with ________ (the services you provide), to/with/so that they can _________ (their desires/wants/goals).

  • I’m a _______ (title) for _______ (your ideal client) who is ______ (pain point/struggle). I help them ______ (how you serve/your solution) by _______ (exact methods you use) so that they can _______ (their desires/wants/goals).

  • I help _______ (your ideal client) go from _______ (where they are now) to _______ (where they desire to be) by _______ (exact methods you use).

ACTION STEP. Write your Brand Statement.

And that's a wrap!

How did you do with these 4 key questions? Do you feel clearer on how to unlock your unique message?

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Let's create some magic together!

Here for you always.

xo - Angela