Why Marketing is just like Dating


Marketing is like dating…

Hear me out for a sec.

Your ideal client stumbles upon your Insta profile. Do they swipe left or right?

First of all. You don’t want just anyone to swipe right.

You *only* want your ideal clients reaching out, so your profile needs to be ATTRACTING the RIGHT people and REPELLING the REST.

Why Marketing is like Dating

Let’s start with your IG bio.

Are you clearly explaining what you do + who you help? 
Do you have a link for them to get in touch to work with you?
Is your imagery working together cohesively to draw their attention + make them want to read more?

That’s where your branding comes in.

When you’re CLEAR + INTENTIONAL with your messaging + imagery you get more of the right people swiping right and saying YES.

So, they swiped right, YAY! Now your messaging comes into play.

Maybe they’re so into you already that they’re already asking you out on date! #brandinggamestrong.

But… sometimes you need to sweeten them up a little. Give VALUE. Build TRUST. And show up in your full authenticity + truth for them to really get to KNOW + LOVE you.

You’ve done all of the above and they’re crazy about you now.

You’ve set a day for your first date. They’re excited but still a little nervous.

Date time! You show up in your full power + presence. You listen. You go deep with them, no superficial talk here. Triggered them a few times but you held space for them to rise to meet you. It was nothing short of transformative.

You’re exactly what they’re looking for and they’re ALL IN.

This is how attraction based marketing works and it’s pretty darn similar to dating.

You see, marketing + branding is an art. People buy based on how you make them FEEL.

Successful marketing goes deep into the complexities of human behavior + what emotions drives your ideal customer. Because in dating (& marketing) the main focus is always the person you’re talking to.

It’s a dance in Trust. Authenticity. Connection. Empathy. Compassion. Attraction. Intimacy. Excitement. Alignment.

Marketing gets to be fun, messy and exciting.

Remember just like in dating, you have to put yourself out there and risk getting rejected to find your KING (or QUEEN).

xo - Angela