Why your pricing should be VALUE based

Why your pricing should be value based

You are priceless.

Just by being YOU, you are priceless + irreplaceable. Just as you are right now.

Own it. Embrace it. Embody it.

And stop charging fucking pennies for your work.

Your work is so fucking valuable! It CHANGES PEOPLE'S LIVES. Fucking OWN IT.

When someone works with you, they're investing in YOU. They're buying your energy, your time, your experience. They want to be part of your world, because you have healing for them JUST BY BEING YOU.

So charge your worth, and since your intrinsic value as a human being is fucking priceless, choose your pricing based on the VALUE of working with you and NOT the number of hours you spend with them.

What's the value of the TRANSFORMATION you're helping someone achieve. Put a number on it. What is it worth to them? How is working with you and transforming a specific area of their life impact EVERYTHING ELSE?

Example. If you are a health coach, how is helping someone fall in love with their body again and completely transform their relationship to food + exercise impact every single other area of their life? How does it impact their health? Their relationships to themselves? To their partner? To their kids? How does it impact the way they show up in their business or their work?

How does feeling more confident because you love the way you look in the mirror impact every area of your life? Your sex life? Your dating life? How much bolder + more expressed do you feel when you LOVE the skin you're in?

That is fucking priceless. And the same applies for every single industry and every kind of coaching.

Whether you're a coach in leadership, health, wellness, self love, business, sales, marketing, spirituality... base your pricing based on the VALUE.

Create offers that actually EXCITE YOU - Not what you "think" you should be doing. And once you've created a program you're fucking passionate about, tune into the VALUE of those results and THEN decide the price.

What are the biggest stories keeping you from charging what you actually want? Let me know in the comments!

xo - Angela