How to Create a Magnetic Brand



You know when you walk into a room and you're just drawn to someone? You can't put your finger on it, but something about them captures your attention, it pulls you to them. They don't have to say or do anything. You feel called by their presence. Their being.


And you know what's really f*cking magnetizing? AUTHENTICITY.

People who are real, honest and authentic. Who speak their truth and show up as themselves unapologetically.

How to create a magnetic brand

Authenticity is the motto modern businesses need to live by to thrive. Nowadays people are craving real connection + intimacy. You want to get to KNOW the person you're working with. You want to work with someone who inspire you. Who invites you to dream bigger. Someone who holds space for your vision. You want to know how they live their life to see if their lifestyle is aligned with your values.

It's more than just walk your talk, it's completely embodying your talk so that it shows in every area of your life. Authenticity + Congruence.

So here is how to actually create a magnetic brand, are you ready?

  1. Get crystal clear on your brand story, mission, and purpose and infuse it into your lifestyle + messaging.

  2. Know your ideal client as well as you know yourself. You should know everything about your ideal client —their dreams, their fears, theirs hopes and desires, the more you can speak directly to their soul the more deeply they’ll be able to connect with you and your content.

  3. Create an experience. From the first time they “meet” you to working together, make sure you’re creating a memorable + transformational experience for your audience.

  4. Establish your brand identity. Your visual aesthetics matter. Not only do they build brand recognition but it also gives your audience a taste of who you are.

  5. Stay true to your message. Use your why + your values to unlock your unique message and infuse it into everything you do.

  6. Show up online. Your audience needs to SEE you and for that you need to show up. Make showing up to your audience and your clients a priority by posting on social media, doing lives, or hosting webinars/workshops to deliver as much value to your audience as possible.

This is the new holistic approach to branding — to capture the essence of who you are by translating your values, your mission, your story, and your why into your visuals + messaging. And it’s the work we do together during my signature 3 month branding + web design experience.

This carefully curated experience is for women who are ready to go ALL IN and commit to upleveling their brand + website to reflect the massive shifts + inner work they've done to uplevel their life and business.

It's time the outer world of your business reflects your inner world and that all starts with your brand + messaging.

Ready to be SEEN, beauty?

Let's create some magic together!

xo - Angela