Your brand is the wardrobe of your business.

Your brand is the wardrobe of your business

I don't know about you but when I'm loving my outfit I feel so much more confident + badass.

I literally feel like I can take on the world, which can be challenging sometimes when you work from home and all you really wear is yoga pants, lounge wear, and tbh sometimes I don't even change out of my pjs.

Anyone else relate 😂?

I LOVE natural beauty. I'm all about it. I go weeks without wearing makeup or doing my hair and it's so empowering to just own your unique natural beauty.

But man... the days I actually do my makeup, hair and dress up I'm so much more productive, I show up more powerfully, and I feel so much more inspired to do videos + insta stories.

Hell... when I look great I actually WANT to do stories.
They are just tools. And no, I don't need any them to show up and get shit done, but they can make such a huge difference.

Your clothes + styling can change the way you feel *instantly*👸

  • The right outfit can makes you feel more powerful + confident 👑

  • Wearing your favorite red lipstick makes you feel more sexy + sensual 💄

  • The right shoes makes you feel like the badass boss babe you are that's fucking crushing it in her life + business 👠

Clothes are a physical representation of your internal reality and when your current wardrobe embodies the next level you, it grounds in that future reality now just like visualization.

Your brand is the same.

Your logo, your color palette, your fonts, your photography are all the visual elements of your brand that embody your personal style, your values, your vision, your gifts.

Think about it, if your unique style is a way to communicate who you are without you saying one word, shouldn’t your brand feel the same?

xo - Angela