Charging your worth

Charging your worth

When I first started my business I was charging pennies for my work.

Thinking back to that version of me… I was legit terrified of asking for money.

I had all of these twisted beliefs around money + sales.
- That you have to work “hard” to make money.
- That you need a shit ton of experience.

Beliefs that weren’t even mine but that I had taken on from others and that I didn’t even notice I had until my coach pointed them out to me.

He asked me this one question… “if money was your boyfriend, would he want to date you?”

My response, fuck no. Why would he? I’m needy, clingy, all the things you wouldn’t want your partner to be.

So I started writing down every single belief I had around money and I rewrote it to the way I WANTED it to be.

And once I did, I put it into action.

I more than tripled my prices and within a week I sold my first $5k package.

Want to know a secret? It was the one of the easiest sales I’ve made in my business.

It was SO much easier to sell at a price point that actually felt GOOD instead of lowering my standards and selling at a lower price point because I was too scared to charge my worth.

Your belief in YOURSELF is what sells.

- Your confidence in your gifts
- Your belief in your message + your offers
- Your presence
- Showing up every day for yourself, your clients and your tribe.


CHARGE YOUR WORTH because you are fucking PRICELESS.

Your prices should EXCITE you.
They should INSPIRE you.
They should feel JUICY because the price is the perfect energetic exchange for everything you put into it.

I have a challenge for you if you choose to take it...

If you know deep in your soul that you’re playing small and not fully owning your worth, I invite you to take a hard look at your beliefs around money and….


It’s time to start owning your worth beauty.

What are the biggest stories keeping you from charging what your soul TRULY wants?

xo - Angela