Branding is Visuals + Messaging

Branding is Visuals + Messaging

While imagery sparks interest + curiosity.

Your content is what SELLS .

Your messaging is what speaks to their soul.
Your posts + videos are what create a deeper level of intimacy and establish you as a leader in your niche.

This is why creating the right content + being intentional with your messaging is so important, but you have to get someone’s attention first, and that’s where your visual branding comes into play.

Before working together, one of my client’s was struggling to find high paying clients consistently, and just within a few weeks of building her brand she enrolled TWO new clients.


By getting really specific with her offers and who she wanted to work with she was able to shift her brand message to ATTRACT the right people.

  • We refined her brand values and what she stood for ⚡️

  • We got specific on her ideal client 💖

  • We discovered her unique message 🦄

  • We got super clear on each of her offers, pricing, and who it was for🔥

While at the same time creating a visual brand that captured the attention and *heart* of her target audience, making it easy for them to say YES to working with her.
This is why I love branding and helping my clients create a clear, cohesive brand message that helps them attract their soulmate clients consistently.
If this sounds like you and you want to unlock your unique brand message, apply below and let’s create a brand that’s uniquely YOU.

xo - Angela