Are you leveraging your current audience?

Are you leveraging your current audience?

More likely than not you already have a bunch of ideal clients in your current audience.

They’re just not SEEING you.

And there is SO much money available for you RIGHT NOW.

So instead of constantly trying to grow your following (which is super important as well!) are you taking the time to really *engage* your current audience?

Visibility is KEY.

  • Show your face on video.

  • Have clear CTA’s on your content to invite people to work with you.

  • Speak to people’s heart, mind and soul in your posts.

  • Share your personal story + lifestyle to create intimacy with your audience.

  • Create content that makes your ideal client feel like you’re in their head because you just get them so well.

Truth is… Not everyone is consuming your content everyday so it’s OKAY to share the same thing over and over again, with a twist of course!

And get creative with it!

  • Connect your personal story to your inspirational posts.

  • Add your client’s wins in your educational posts to showcase their RESULTS.

  • Get real with them.

By showing up consistently and being intentional with your messaging you’ll attract more of those dreamy clients.

xo - Angela