Create Content that Speaks to Your Ideal Client's Soul

Create content that speaks to your ideal client's soul

“You’re too “expensive.”

How many times has a money objection come up during an enrollment call?

You’re on the call, everything seems to be going great, they seem super excited about working with you, then you mention the price and… crickets.

They start coming up with a bunch of BS excuses about how their bills went up, their husbands won’t approve, or they just “don’t have the money right now."

Frustrating AF, amiright?

If you’re showing up every day, creating content consistently, and you’re still getting a money objection something is missing in your messaging or your sales process (but we’ll leave that for another day).

So let’s break it down.

If you’re using social media as a way to find clients, you need to create targeted posts that speak directly to your target audience and position you as the leader in your niche.

They should be SPECIFIC and address the unique pain points + challenges your ideal client is going through right now, and here’s the crucial bit, how that makes them FEEL.

People buy based on how they FEEL.

Remember soul doesn’t negotiate, ego does.

So when you create content that speak directly to their soul, you’ll make it easy for them to say YES to working with you.

This is why I love branding and helping my clients create a clear, cohesive, and soul shaking brand message that helps them attract their soulmate clients consistently.

If this sounds like you and you want to unlock your unique brand message, send me an email at hello@soulcovecreative or APPLY NOW and let’s create a brand that’s uniquely YOU.

xo - Angela


Angela Garcia